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Bargain Hunt


BBC Antique experts Charles Hanson, Charlie Ross, James Braxton and Philip Serrell, the heart throbs of the antique world, have got together to make Rock history with their brand new single. Born entertainers, they’ve given up the gavel for the microphone to pursue a career in pop music in support of BBC Children In Need.

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Charlie ‘Layla’ Ross – Lead Vocals

Charles ‘Glam Rock’ Hanson – Vocals

James ‘Full House, Bing Rock’ Braxton – Vocals

Philip ‘Play it again’ Serrell – Vocals



Produced by Saga Entertainment Ltd

DOP: Matt Harris



Sleigh Ride

ISRC: GBYZK1700001

Cat No. SAGA001

Written by Leroy Anderson & Mitchel Parish

Recorded at Metropolis Studios

Sound engineer: Rob MacFarlane

Produced by Grahame Corbyn and Jack Corbyn

Label: Saga Entertainment Ltd

Published by EMI Music Publishing Limited o/b/o EMI Mills Music Inc.  Used by permission.  All rights reserved.


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