Sleigh Ride

Sleigh Ride

ISRC: GBYZK1700001

UPC: 5056088385510

Cat No. SAGA001

Released: 1st December 2017

Genre: Pop Rock

Written by Leroy Anderson & Mitchel Parish

Format: Digital Download

Length: 3:08

Recorded at Metropolis Studios

Label: Saga Entertainment Ltd

Published by EMI Music Publishing Limited o/b/o EMI Mills Music Inc.

Distributed by Sony Music

Credits and Studio Personnel

  • Vocals – Charlie Ross, Charles Hanson, James Braxton, Philip Serrell
  • Backing Vocals – Ann Bailey
  • Guitar – Adam Chetwood, Guy Bailey and Jack Corbyn
  • Drums – Simon Hanson
  • Bass – Chris Johnstone
  • Musical Arrangement – Stephen Large and Jack Corbyn
  • Sound Engineer – Rob MacFarlane
  • Producers – Grahame Corbyn and Jack Corbyn

Chart Performance

Amazon Rock Charts – Peak Position: Number 1

Amazon Rock Best Sellers – Peak Position: Number 1

Amazon Hot New Releases – Peak Position: Number 1

iTunes Rock Charts – Peak Position: Number 1

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