Sleigh Ride by Bargain Hunt

Music Video for Sleigh Ride by Bargain Hunt, filmed at Metropolis Studios.

Produced by Saga Entertainment Ltd

Production Date: November 2017

DOP: Matt Harris

Rock With Rudolph by The Celebs

Produced by Saga Entertainment Ltd

Production Date 31.8.2018

Director & Editor: Paolo Benetazzo

Director of Photography: Dagmar Scheibenreif
Gimbal operator: Tomasz Preficz

Saga Entertainment

About Saga Entertainment

Saga Entertainment operates a production company and record label with offices in London, England. Saga Entertainment is home of supergroup The Celebs. All our projects aim to raise money for charity and Saga Entertainment wishes to continue to do great work for charity over the coming years. Saga Entertainment was founded in 2017 by Jack & Grahame Corbyn.

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